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Bolting & Lifting Services

Our experienced technicians provide on-site torquing up to 23000 ft. lbs., as well as lifting, measuring and diagnostic services throughout Southern Ontario.

All services are provided in accorance to a strictly-followed health and safety policy, as well as complete compliance with W.S.I.B. standards. Contact us for rates and availability.

Calibration & Repair

Our skilled and factory-trained technicians repair high-pressure hydraulic valves, pumps, cylinders, jacks, torque-wrenches, and pneumatic tools. We are proud to offer repair and calibration of manual torque wrenches, certification services for hydraulic cylinders and gauges, and the calibration, repair and certification of specialized tools required for wind farms. All repair services are performed in accordance with N.I.S.T. Ormond is an authorized warranty centre for Enerpac & Rad Torque Systems.


We offer a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic torquing equipment, manual torque wrenches and multipliers for up to 23,000 ft. lbs. We also have a complete selection striking wrenches and sockets, up to 9 1/8" across flats.

In addition, we offer in house a variety of high pressure hydraulic lifting cylinders and pumps, with a 5 to 250 ton range. Contact us for pricing information and availability.

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